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the hamilton academy
the hamilton academy
the hamilton academy

Terms & Conditions

  • Fees must be paid by the 15th of every month.
  • Fee is charged in installments as given in the fee card by cash/cheque /demand draft or online payment.
  • If fee is not paid by the 15th of the month then a late payment charge of Rs 100/- per 15 days will be charged.
  • After a period of 30 days the name of the student will be struck off from the school record and a re-admission fee of Rs 500/- will have to be paid with the permission of the principal.
  • No exemption or deduction in fees will be made for holidays or absence on any grounds.
  • The students will not be allowed to appear in the test/examinations and report card will not be shown unless all the dues have been cleared.
  • Any fee deposited once is non refundable.

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the hamilton academy
the hamilton academy