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Pre-School & Elementary

'The Hamilton Kids' is the Preschool division of The Hamilton Academy. Its' state of-the art/facilities, experienced staff and proprietary curriculum give the children an advantage where it counts.... their future. The Preschool is divided into:

  • Play School for ages under 4
  • Kindergarten for age group 4-6

The preschool curriculum is based on multiple intelligence and teaching is a combination of Montessori, Play-way, experiential learning approach and High/Scope philosophy.

In addition to learning linguistic and analytical skills, story-telling, music, dance and physical education, children are trained on yoga and silence.

The early childhood program prepares children for entry into primary school and is structured to allow teachers to consider the needs of each individual child. The emphasis is placed on social development which is critical to a successful elementary experience. In addition, structured activities that relate to academic skills or concept development are designed and implemented by the teachers.

Assessing the Progress
The Preschoolers are assessed round the clock on their age appropriate skills. The yard sticks of assessment go to the deepest level of analyzing a child’s overall personality development, emphasizing on intellectual, emotional and social growth

Primary & Middle School
The teaching methodology considers a student's academic, social, physical, emotional and cultural needs while delivering an integrated curriculum. The integration of the curriculum encourages learners to make connections not only between the subjects and topics but also among knowledge, skills, feelings, values and attitudes. The students will become 'multi-skilled' and be able to transfer their skills and understand across various contexts.

The curriculum is designed in a way that promotes activity-based learning with sufficient opportunities for exploration, understanding the concepts of hypothesis, experimental procedures, observations and interfaces and activities that students can relate to real life scenarios.


Children learn through experience in unstructured and social way in the Play School where the instructions are given in informal mode.

Primary (Grades 1 - 5)

a. Activity based: Concepts introduced through activities
b. Curriculum drawn from the best of national and international curricula
c. Curriculum Motto: 'Learn while you play

Middle (Grades 6 - 8)

a. Applications oriented: Emphasis is given to application of knowledge achieved through differential teaching methodologies such as student-led presentations, research projects, and technology-led learning.
b. Academically oriented: Prepares students for various national international curricula like CBSE,ICSE,IGCSE and US College Board programs in high school
c. Curriculum Motto: - 'Play while you learn'


Though formal education is introduced, the focus is on making the children explore. The Kindergarten follows the International standards according to the guidelines provided by National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). It concentrates on the social and self developmental activities. In addition to developing language, problem solving and analytical skills, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Art, Music and Physical Education are included as part of the regular curriculum.

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